Sunday, September 22, 2013

A "Yes" Person

Last week I was talking with a group of ladies...and one of them said something like this.

"I'm usually a YES kind of person with my kids. Sure, try something new...see what happens. ..."

She was talking about  a weakness she had (cant remember what)...but all I heard was a huge strength of hers. 

A yes person.

A book I read this summer talked about being a "yes" mom. It really impacted me at the time and I was determined to change and say yes to my kids more often!

How quickly I already forgot about that book.

Friday afternoon rolls around. I'm scrambling to throw dinner together. The main dish was in the crockpot. Hadn't planned sides. I rarely plan sides...usually grab some fresh veggies and call it good. I had plans of getting fancy and maybe making some noodles or rice or something with it. (total sarcasm..I know Minute Brown Rice is far from fancy...but I never claimed to be a gourmet cook)

When Eli comes upstairs with this adorable little mispelled sign he made and says..."Mom, I was thinking today would be a good day for a lemonade stand."

My thoughts: What? Right now? NO! I want to get dinner ready and on the table before Dad gets home. (why, there is no rule that says when we have to eat). I want to clean up the living room and the mound of toys you just dumped out in there. I want to sweep this floor and get the dishwasher unloaded. I want to just sit and not do anything. We need to stay on schedule so you get dinner, bath, book, and to bed on time. These thoughts are flooding my mind and about to come out as an energetic Oh, I don't think today is a good day for it. 

Then I looked at his face covered in excitement as he started to rattle off that we needed a table, and chairs, cups, and balloons, and quarters for change ..."and please, Mom. Its going to be so fun. I bet there are tons of thirsty people that will come."

And my friends voice came to my head. And I knew it was a good chance to lay my selfishness down and be a YES mom.

And it was so much fun. We worked together to make the lemonade (twice, got completely spilled on my foot once). Eli made another sign. Sim dragged the table and chairs to the sidewalk and carried out the cash register. I blew up the balloons...Eli hung them.

We met 12 new neighbors...and had 17 customers. (5 friends stopped by thanks to FB advertising).

And the boys and I laughed and talked and enjoyed one another so much.

Dinner still got served. (thank you fresh veggies, applesauce, and a hidden can of baked beans) We had a nice evening together...and really a much better one than if I had said NO. I know I can't always say yes to my kids...but I know I can say yes a lot more than I do. Sometimes I say NO out of nothing but selfishness and inconvenience for what I want to be doing at that moment.  I'm working on it.

There have been several more instances that I've caught myself leaning toward saying no, for no reason. I said. I'm working on it. Working on being more of a YES person. :)

I'm a work in progress. Aren't we all? :)

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Ana Mitchell said...

Hi Shelly! I could go on and on, but I'm just going to say that this post really spoke to my heart today. I'm so guilty of always saying no. The other day my oldest asked if we could do a lemonade stand one day. Of course I was like yeah, yeah maybe and forgot about it. This has reminded me about it. I plan on saying Yes! and donating the money to a family we sponsor. Thanks and have a lovely day!

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