Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gratitiude :


For a day full of meaningful conversation and connections with so many different amazing women from so many different walks of life :  For a day free from online distraction : For inspiration this week from friends, from the Bible, from my kids & husband : For constant provision over our lives : For the Holy Spirit that is always living and active in me : For friends that show grace when I spontaneously invite them for dinner and then realize we don't have much to eat and none of my dishes are clean (Sorry Kellys and Scotts)  : For constant grace being given freely to me : For circumstances that standing alone suck...but that will be intertwined into my story as God's sovereignty : For friends that speak truth : For teachers that are kind and passionate and good at what they do : For two boys who are thriving : For kind friends for my kids : For excitement for my first bike race next weekend :  For a home that is comfortable and perfect for our family  : For the freeing feeling to stare off into space in my backyard : For a growing business that has nothing to do with Sandra and I,  just a gift and blessing to and for us : For a husband who makes me laugh,  runs errands at 10pm for me because I forgot, and helps me when I need it : For a son who, for the first time in his life, didn't throw a ginormous scene of a fit at his doctor checkup, it was actually quite pleasant (thank you Doc McStuffins and LPWC) :  For friends that can laugh together until we cry : For friends that pray for us when we need it and allow us into their private lives to pray for them : For conflict and resolution : For good books : For my community : For emails from friends that are stepping out and pursuing something new (Sarah!) :  For a dog who lays on my feet to keep them warm : For Eli's new school : For lowering numbers on my scale : For clean water : That I live in a town where I constantly run into people I know : For seasoned friends : For visiting family : For a mom who calls just to see how my day is going : For coffee-shop dates with friends : For Matt's upcoming trip : For new beginnings : For a friend who sees I'm running late to pick-up and waits with my kiddo for me (Thanks, SJ) : A friend that celebrates my vulnerable victories with me : For safety for all my Colorado family and friends and the love people are giving each other that have had loss : For friends that are experiencing tragedy and text words of praise to Jesus in the midst of that : For women leaning on and empowering one another : 

 For a cozy bed to go climb into right now 

G'night friends! 

And just for fun .... Look at these two guys. Good buddies! :) 


Scott said...

Great post, but I have a question and mean no disrespect.

Is Doc McStuffins his real name? Wasn't that a McDonald's character? I picture a large doctor of Irish decent who's constantly eating cupcakes.

shellycoulter said...

Haha! Doc McStuffins is a show on Disney JR. :) But I like the picture in your head better. Haha!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Thanks for being there for me. Loved your YES post too. I am working on that always with my kids too...and lately, for me and this photo thing...thinking more yes than letting the all too many doubts take over. Glad you are back blogging!

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