Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A sad day is coming...

I think my littlest man is outgrowing his nap.

 photo IMG_9237.jpg

This makes me want to cry.

Seriously, ya'll.

Third day in a row with no nap. I hold my ground and he stays in his room for an hour...but no sleeping is happening.

I've spent the last six years of motherhood maintaining my sanity with the beloved naptime.

And I was considering trying to wean myself off of Diet Pepsi. That may have to wait now.

This is how he feels about it.

 photo IMG_9248.jpg

Oh yeah...I may have to rename my blog too. ...sigh!

1 comment:

Donna Fleischman said...

Oh, that is a sad day when you lose naptimes. Maybe you can be more diligent than I was and enforce quiet time so you can still have your quiet time. On the other side I sent my 14 year old to take a nap today - those hormones can be brutal!

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