Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking it all in.

This is my baby. Most likely forever our youngest.

He likes to remind me that next year he will go to kindergarten.  Today he was staring blankly into space at lunch and I asked him what he was thinking about. He replied ..."I just can't wait until I'm 14 and can go to the Statue of Liberty and go up in his hat. Ay, yi-yi.  It will be so cool."  He started piecing together sounds to read small words by himself. He loves to have conversations at the breakfast counter and is curious about everything. He loves to help and have a job. I let him sleep in my bed at naptime, mostly because I can look at him and he looks smaller in a bigger bed. He would wear shorts and soccer socks pulled up every single day of the year if we let him. He's a snuggler. He loves puzzles, games, and creating art. He dresses up daily in a knight or doctor or football costume. He gladly goes out in the cool morning air to drink coffee and cider on the porch with me. He leaves me notes and drawings under my pillow all the time. He is easy going and funny. He prays. He hates to be away from his family. He loves his brother unconditionally and wants to be just like him. He is unique and loved. He is our miracle.

 They keep growing and changing so fast and it seems the time is slipping through my fingertips. They have transformed into these amazing little people. And I love it and love each stage of teaching and growing them. But I just want it all to slow down.  I know I've enjoyed it all to the fullest...but its never enough. I suppose moms always feel this way, at every stage.

 Like most things. Bittersweet.

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RETA said...

Thanks for writing. You are truly blessed.


Steve Finnell said...


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